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Chicago Cycleboats

We are happy to accept riders of all ages and are equipped with life jackets in all sizes. However, in the case of special 21 and over events, you must be, well, 21 or older.

Our two sizes of Cycleboats hold up to 16 and 26 passengers. The Party Barge holds up to 18 people.

Yes, reservations are required.

When selecting a snack to accompany your ride, apply the one-handed test: if you can’t eat it with one hand without making a mess, then leave it on dry land. Chips, pretzels, cheese and crackers, popcorn, etc. are safe bets. Lasagne, not so much.


Riders who are of age are welcome to bring beer, wine or pre-mixed cocktails (no hard alcohol) to enjoy on their Cycleboat ride! Of course non-alcoholic beverages are okay, too.

We have coolers and cup holders on board and will even provide a souvenir cup or koozie for each rider. Ice is provided at our Riverwalk location. This should go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: you must be 21 or older (and have the ID to prove it) if you plan on drinking adult beverages on the Cycleboat. Please keep in mind that open containers are only allowed on board the Cycleboat and cannot be taken onto the Chicago Riverwalk.

90 minute cruises will have a bathroom break at the departure location (half way through cruise.)

All Private Cruises must be canceled one week (7 Days) prior to the scheduled departure time to receive a full refund. All cancellations must be submitted via email to [email protected]

Chicago Cycleboats operate rain or shine. Don’t worry, the Cycleboat has a canopy to keep you dry! If the weather is deemed as too severe by our Cycleboat staff, a ride will be rescheduled.

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