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A bike ride, a boat ride or just along for the ride, Chicago Cycleboats has got your ticket to ride! Riders sit on comfortable bike seats at a table as they cycle at their own pace and passengers can sit or stand while they enjoy the view, the cruise, and the company. Riders and cyclers can switch places at any time!

Bike Shorts Optional

Whether you’re a spinning sensation, a badass biker, a causal cyclist or have never before ridden a bike, anyone will enjoy a Cycleboat ride. The whole boat works together to turn the paddlewheel as our expert captain navigates the boat down the Chicago River. And, don’t worry – the Cycleboat has an electric motor to help out or even take over.

The Details

All Cycleboat rides are BYOB so come prepared with your favorite beverages and snacks – we’ll provide the cooler and a fun souvenir cup. And don’t forget that perfect cycling playlist! The Cycleboat speakers are equipped with Bluetooth so you are ready to rock!

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